Accents in Common|| Alex and Liliana

Alex was, of course, roaming the woods. He couldn’t think of a better way to pass his time, and there was sometimes an interesting thing to be found, or person. He didn’t like encounters that often, but so far the people he had met were interestingly different, he liked that about here, but a little part of him missed home. He longed to hear that English accent somewhere, he loved Narnia but sometimes it made him feel out of place being the only one from earth.

While Alex was pondering this, he came across a woman in small clearing just off to the left of him. Alex would normally have just passed by, but her voice caught his attention. She was talking to a little bird in a tree, “Come on little bird, talk back” she was saying, and he knew immediately that she was not from here, her accent was similar to his. Alex had to know for sure, was there someone else from England to, who ended up here?.

So with that, Alex did something he rarely did with woman, approach them first. He just decided he would do it with confidence, maybe she would be happy to know she wasn’t the only English person in Narnia either. After two minutes of pondering all the possible things that could happen, he stepped through the trees. He approached her, and simply asked, “Your not from around here, now are you? England, by chance?” he asked, on the inside he was yelling “ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!” because he had talked to her confidently and no stutter, he liked this approach better than some others.

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